Dewalt DWX723 Review – The right heavy duty miter saw stand for you?

Dewalt DWX723 Review - Is this the right miter saw stand for you?

Dewalt dwx723 review

The Dewalt DWX723 heavy duty miter saw stand is an affordable product and it is suitable for use with all types of mitre saws even heavy-duty miter saws.

It offers a host of features and benefits that will no doubt appeal to miter saw users in almost any industry and, of course, at home. I particularly found these features attractive and relevant:

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Heavy duty but not heavy

I like the fact that this heavy-duty miter saw stand is light enough to easily cart around (only 29 pounds because of its lightweight aluminum construction) yet robust enough to cope with up to five hundred pounds of material. It features folding legs that makes it very easy to move, stow and is easy storage.

Another neat feature is that the feet of the tool mount is made of non-marring material. This means that this miter saw table will not cause scratches on any material. The table is also very easy to set up and use.

Affordable versatility

Not only is the DWX 723 suitable for use with all models and types (not just Dewalt miter saw models), but it offers useful features that make it suitable for power tools using the tool mount and use in almost any working environment. The lightweight aluminum construction is a neat benefit of the heavy-duty miter saw stand. The brackets will also work with any miter saw and, what is more, the extension leg lock levers will provide an additional 50 inches of length. This is more than adequate for the steady locking of the stand extension support. If you don’t have quite as much space, you can also consider one of these miter saw stands.

I liked the fact that the brackets have a quick release feature. This lets you place the saw at any point along the rail. You can even have two miter saws on the stand at the same time. What’s more, the moveable material support arms can be adjusted to wherever it is needed on the rail. They can even be adjusted upwards or downwards, thereby increasing the possibilities of the materials that can be cut.

Dewalt miter saws have a quick release feature

Value for money?

Your Dewalt DWX 723 heavy-duty miter stand complies with very exact manufacturing standards. Simple to set up, just attach your miter saw to the 2 mounting brackets and attach to the base of your heavy-duty miter saw stand.

Your heavy-duty miter saw stand should last you for years. The entire range of Dewalt tools, miter saw stands and accessories have, over the years, established themselves as reliable and durable. Dewalt provides a warranty for all their products. In this case, a three-year limited warranty is supplied with the Dewalt product.

What comes in the box?

  • One Dewalt DWX723 miter saw stand.
  • Two convertible work supports/stops.
  • Two mounting brackets.

Dewalt DWX723 Review - Is this the right heavy duty miter saw stand for you?

What I don’t like

Even though it says that this stand can be used with all types and brands of miter saws, there may be a problem with the location of the holes of the mounting brackets in some miter saws. This is not an insurmountable problem, however. It is easily solved by making a three quarter inch plywood base. You then mount your brackets underneath and your miter saw blade on top of the base.

Some users are finding it difficult to attach the saw to the Dewalt miter saw stand. They complain that they have to keep positioning and repositioning the saw blade before succeeding. It seems that the design of the heavy-duty miter saw attachment brackets is to blame for this particular difficulty.

Where to buy at the best price

Unless I was presented with an unbelievable special offer I would generally not bother to shop around at places like Lowes, Home Depot or even eBay. I go straight to and I have very good reasons for maintaining this policy of mine:

  • Amazon is reliable. They keep to their delivery schedules and they back the products that they sell like a heavy-duty miter saw stand.
  • Payment on is secure. It is really easy to initiate and finalize the transaction and they make sure that you are kept in the loop until the product is delivered to you. In most cases they can even have the product on your doorstep within a day!
  • Most products are thoroughly reviewed. This allows me to see what other people thought of the product and this often helps me to make a final decision regarding the specific miter saw model I end up purchasing.

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Heavy duty miter saw stand, a model from Dewalt products

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Is the Dewalt DWX723 heavy duty miter saw stand for you?

Dewalt DWX723 Review - A lightweight aluminium contstruction heavy duty, dewalt miter stand

If you need a lightweight aluminium construction miter saw stand that can be collapsed, stowed and transported easily then this is definitely the right stand for you.

It is definitely for you if you want to use various brands of saws on the same stand or if you want to use two saws on one miter saw stand at the same time. The miter saw stand is a great option if you have multiple brands of saws that you would like to use on the same stand. This is the ideal aluminium construction miter saw stand as it is lightweight, compact and easy to transport. It has a folding mechanism which makes it easy to store and carry around.  This stand is also quite sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart or breaking when using it.

This Dewalt miter saw stand is also for you if you want to place a saw blade at any point along the rail quickly and effortlessly. If you regularly work with heavy loads of up to 500 lbs then this Dewalt heavy-duty miter saw stand will certainly fulfil your requirements, especially if you want to tighten extension lock levers quickly and securely.

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