Dewalt DW7440RS Review – Is this the right miter saw stand for you?

Dewalt DW7440RS Review - Is this the right miter saw stand for you?

Dewalt DW7440RS Reviews for sale - Is this the right miter saw stand for you?Not all saw stands are built for the same purpose, so it’s a good idea to put pen to paper and come up with a simple list of your requirements before you figure out which one is right for you. Today we are looking at the DW7440RS miter saw stand from DeWalt.

The DeWalt DW744ORS is a miter saw stand built for easy, comfortable use. It’s a mobile stand that’s easy to set up and easy to take down again. Once it’s set up it’s a sturdy stand that can be used for heavy duty jobs.

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It is specifically made for people who need a sturdy but easy to transport saw stand. This product is a good choice for someone who works alone, rather than in a team, because it is easy to manage single handed. That said, there is no reason why you couldn’t use it in your small business team.

What Comes in the Box

The DW7440RS DEWALT Rolling Table Saw Stand.

The Dewalt tablesaw stand comes unassembled- with everything you need to put it together. Including a simple and easy to use manual. The manual seems vague at first glance, but once you take a look at the pieces you will see why. Everything is clearly marked and assembly shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes.

It also comes with a three year warrantee from the manufacturer, and a one year service contract.

Best Features of the Dewalt 7440 table saw stand

Size and Specs: Fully assembled, the saw stand is 9 x 20 x 34 inches and weighs 33 pounds.

Small Footprint: The relatively small footprint makes this saw a good choice for those with limited space.

Adjustability: This product can be used flat or with its legs, which makes it user friendly at different heights.

Wheels: Heavy duty wheels make it easy to move while setup – they are designed to roll over curbs and bumps easily.

No-Slip Feet: Rubber feet let you set up on any surface without sliding around or damaging the floor.

Material: The heavy-duty aluminium construction makes it both strong and light weight. The stand can take loads up 200 pounds.

User friendly Design: The saw is designed so that when set up, its weight is centred low, making it safe to move without hurting your back.

Cross-Brand Versatility: We also like that you don’t have to use a DeWalt saw with this stand. It has the capacity for various brands or makes to be attached. So whatever mitre saw you are currently using, it could be attached to the DeWalt stand.

Ease of use: The stand comes with quick-connect stand brackets which attach to your saw. These make it quick and east to detach the saw from the table.

Compact: The legs fold up put of your way for easy storage. Lastly the retractable handles mean you can move it easily, but also get the handles out of the way while you work.

All in all, a great product choice for anyone who needs to move their work station around.

What I don’t like and how to get around it

Promising too much? I was a bit worried that a product with so many foldable and retractable parts would compromise its sturdiness. After setting it up though, it’s proven to be completely sturdy. The rubber feet lend a lot of extra grip.

Not all brands covered? The table provides four screw mounts at the bottom for various brands of saw. So, while it covers a lot of options, you might find a saw brand that doesn’t fit perfectly first time. This problem can be addressed easily, though. Try drilling the holes a little bigger and adjusting your wingnuts and bolts accordingly.

Instruction Insert quality: The assembly instructions included in the box were not very detailed. Luckily all parts were well labled so it wasn’t too hard to figure out how to put it together. You can always find a quick tutorial on YouTube if you’re not sure.

If you want something a little lighter (and don’t mind a slightly less sturdy table), consider the Dewalt table saw stand DWE74911. The DWE74911 is almost 12lbs lighter, and a bit more compact, which could work well if you plan on moving the table around between job sites.

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Where to buy the DeWalt miter saw stand at the best price

This product is, unfortunately, not carried by all retailers and hardware stores (such as Lowes or Home Depot). Luckily you can buy it through Amazon. They will deliver anywhere in the United States. They offer various delivery time options, including free delivery.

The Amazon Returns Policy is great, too. If you buy your saw through Amazon they will fetch it back again free of charge if you decide to return it.

Amazon also shops around to find you the lowest possible prices.

In a hurry?
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Final thoughts

The Dewalt table saw stand mobile/rolling (DW7440RS) is a good option for most, but I would recommend reading through the reviews on Amazon to get a better feel if this is the right table saw stand for you.

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