Dewalt DW713 Review – Worth your hard-earned money?

Dewalt DW713 Review - Worth your hard-earned money?

Dewalt DW713 Reviews - Worth your hard-earned money?Whether you are a do-it-yourself kind of individual or you are looking to invest in a saw for business purposes, this article is for you. Maybe you have heard of the Dewalt DW713 from a friend or saw it in the store.

You are, however, not sure if it is worth your hard-earned money?

This last question seems to be the vital one in most minds and it is a valid one.

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No one wants to waste their money on products that will not produce satisfying results. We all want value for our money. I am here to assist you in deciding if the DW713 is the right fit for your business or personal tool box.

Power and Precision

The Dewalt DW713 may not be the biggest in size, but it is packed with power. Its power is not contained in the measurements of the tool, but in the way it operates.

With this saw in hand, you will not only dream about the power that will complete the project at hand, but you will experience it. This saw consist of a motor-power that runs at 15 amps.

It has the capacity to cut through cornices, edges and mostly any wood cutting related products with ease. Precision is a quality that can be found in this powerful tool, as well.

With a comfortable grip on its handle, one can take care of various angles that may require cutting. The fact that its handle enables one to adjust it in accordance with quite a number of different positions is a huge aid.

This causes great joy, seeing that a tool that can be implemented for more than just a few options is to be considered an asset. There is a stainless steel catch that prevents the blade from slipping further than one need it to.

This is possible due to the 11 stops that have been built in, in order to aid one in cutting with a better accuracy. Another built-in convenience is the feature that can override this option if the need should arise.

One can then simply cut without the interference of any halts in the process. The DW 713 does not provide a laser option that has been integrated into it.

There is, however, the alternative of buying the DW7187 laser that is adaptable, which can conveniently work with this model. This compatibility is a great addition for those that require a clearer precision cut than at other times. Another upgrade I would recommend is to go for a good miter saw table, I really like the DWX723 from Dewalt.

Manageable and Moveable

The Dewalt DW713 is a tool that provides power but does not require power to manage or move. Not all of us find it easy to carry equipment to and from where we need it to be used.

Sometimes the very fact that a tool can weigh a lot will cause it to gather dust in the corner somewhere. This is especially true for those that may suffer from a back ailment or other weakness in their bodies.

Maybe you can relate and therefore you do not need to feel hopeless because this tool is easy to manage and light to move. Its weight levels at 15 kilograms. As an added bonus this tool has a handle that is already been integrated into it, to make picking it up and carrying it simple.

Prime Protection

As with any physical tool, one uses there is a need for protecting oneself from harm. Incorporating a tool such as a saw can be quite dangerous.

One should always be awake and aware in the use of it.

The gliding protection hedge that features as a part of this tool is a great safety mechanism.

It is calculated to glide into place in the very last moment, revealing just enough visibility for you to see the cutting mark you are working on.

In the midst of this, it will still be providing you with the protection your hands require, from the loss of any of your valuable fingers.

The hedge, however, can be a damper in the cutting of base panels that are taller.

This does not mean that it cannot cut tall panels because it can.

One should only be aware that it can reach its visibility limit if the panel should be of an extreme stature.

Amazing Guarantee

To those who still doubt if this is the saw for you, the guarantee on it will change your mind.

In purchasing this product you will receive a guarantee of three years from Dewalt.

Included is a service agreement that is free for a year.

If this is not enough, you can get your money back during the first three months from purchase date, if the product does not meet your expectations.

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About the Hedge

As mentioned earlier, the hedge is not suitable for extremely tall panels.

If that is more your kind of woodwork, you should rather invest in the DW715.

Other than that, this is a saw that will be able to take care of most of the necessary cutting needs.

The easy portability is a wonderful bonus feature.

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Where to buy the DW713 at the best price?

You could walk into your local Lowes or Home Depot, but I recommend buying from Amazon. They regularly have miter saws on sale, and their prices are very competitive. On top of that, they deliver for free and their service is exceptional.

The Final Verdict – Worth your hard-earned money?

Dewalt DW713 accessoriesAmazon is well known for its client reviews, which is where customers of Dewalt’s DW713 left 5-star ratings in over 70% of their assessments.

The majority has discovered it to be an asset in their tool boxes, with its power, precision, manageability and protection.

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